Solange Knowles Complex June-July 2013 Cover [Full Shoot]

Solange is giving me so much LIFE!!! #Werk!

Peacock Under Pressure


Ms. Diana? Is that you?

No, it’s the younger, but equally amazing sibling of The Knowles’ sisters giving me the life that I had no clue was missing for the June/July 2013 cover of Complex. In vibrant shades of red, purple, and sulfur, Solange sizzles in one piece body (or bathing) suits, crop tops, hot pants, an endless supply of pointed toe pumps and a bevy of face framing curls.

On being a “Peacock” (my words, not hers) at an early age:

“I had my own little quirks as a child,”

she tells Complex’s Laura Checkoway.

“‘I had a very vivid imagination, mostly through my style and fashion choices. The kids had a lot to say.’ Her fourth-grade teacher, Miss Bethann, found Solange on the verge of tears in her Pocahontas costume outside of the classroom and gave her a lesson that stuck with her: ‘Don’t you ever, ever bend or…

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