Sassy & Sophisticated – 1223

  1. Packable Nylon Vest
  2. White Ruched Sleeve Blouse
  3. Plaid Flare Leg Pant
  4. Longline Faux Fur Vest
  5. 18K Gold Plated Safety Pin Necklace
  6. Faux Leather Animal Print Leggings
  7. Black Wedge Bootie
  1. 18K Gold Plated Dangle Earrings
  2. 14K Gold Plated Mariner Hoops
  3. Suede Ankle Boots
  4. Rose Gold 2PC Knit Set
  5. Ivory Leather Flap Shoulder Bag
  6. 14K Gold Plated Geo Drop Earrings
  7. Chunky Heel Suede Bootie
  8. Floral Crossbody w/Pearl Handle

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