12323- Cold calls for…Hot!

12423- Ebony & Ivory

11623- Leather & Bamboo

Sassy & Sophisticated – 1223

  1. Packable Nylon Vest
  2. White Ruched Sleeve Blouse
  3. Plaid Flare Leg Pant
  4. Longline Faux Fur Vest
  5. 18K Gold Plated Safety Pin Necklace
  6. Faux Leather Animal Print Leggings
  7. Black Wedge Bootie
  1. 18K Gold Plated Dangle Earrings
  2. 14K Gold Plated Mariner Hoops
  3. Suede Ankle Boots
  4. Rose Gold 2PC Knit Set
  5. Ivory Leather Flap Shoulder Bag
  6. 14K Gold Plated Geo Drop Earrings
  7. Chunky Heel Suede Bootie
  8. Floral Crossbody w/Pearl Handle

I’m Back IN!!

Hello my fashion friend’s and style sista’s! How have you all been doing!? It has been quite some time since I’ve updated Outfit 101, so if you’re reading this blog post, THANK YOU! Thank you for following Outfit 101 and thank you for opening your email today! I really appreciate your support. I have been locked out of my blog since 2017. So I am super excited to be granted access after all this time. During this Coronavirus outbreak I have vowed to relaunch Outfit 101 and I am welcoming any feedback on things you would like to see more of.

While I was brainstorming on what direction to take Outfit 101 in during this global pandemic, I came up with nada. Initially, I thought to focus on creative ways to quarantine but drew a blank, then I thought to stick with fashion, like quarantine fashion but how many ways can you wear t-shirts, leggings and sweatpants? and then all things Coronavirus came to mind, but this isn’t the news. So I decided to ask you all a few questions that will lead me in the right direction.

  1. What are you tired of hearing about?
  2. What would you like to learn more about?
  3. What is your favorite thing about Outfit 101?
  4. What has been the best and/or worst part about 2020?

I will be updating Outfit 101 regularly and adding new features like a shopping cart, tutorials and virtual pop up shops. Please spread the word and don’t be shy about mentioning any ideas that would improve your Outfit 101 experience!

Boss Wishes,

Kola 😉

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